Albania selects, participants unknown

by Sietse Bakker 222 views

With Festivalit të Këngës në Radio Televizionin Shqiptar, Albania probably has the longest name for its national selection. The country will also hold the first public selection in Europe, which takes place Friday (first semifinal), Saturday (second semifinal) and Sunday (final). Officially, the participants are unknown yet.

It seems 32 participants will take part, 16 on each semifinal. The best 8 of each semifinal will participate in Sunday's final.

Albanian newspapers mention Manjola Nallbani, Ingrid Jushi, Kozma Dushi, Saimir Çili, Mariza Ikonomi, Arbërie Hadërgjonaj, Agim Poshka and Edona Llalloshi as potential participants. Miriam Cani (Preluders) was already mentioned before. Unconfirmed names are Anjeza Shahini (Albania 2004) and Luis Ejlli.

Singer Soni Malaj, who took part in the Albanian national selection last year, and television host Drini Zeqo will present the festival, which takes place in Tirana's congress centre.

In Kyiv, Albania came 16th with Ledina Çelo and Tomorrow I go, which means the winner of the Festivalit të Këngës në Radio Televizionin Shqiptar has to participate in the semifinal on 18 May in Athens, Greece.

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