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Kseniya, representing Belarus with the song Мы вместе , won the third edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Hasselt, Belgium. Thanks to an impressive and sweet performance, she managed to receive 149 points.

Final results
Here are the final results of tonight's show;

1. Belarus – 149 points
2. Spain – 146 points
3. Norway – 123 points
4. Denmark – 121 points
5. Romania – 89 points
6. Greece – 88 points
7. The Netherlands – 82 points
8. FYR Macedonia – 68 points
9. Russia – 66 points
10. Belgium – 63 points
11. Latvia – 50 points
12. Croatia – 36 points
13. Serbia & Montenegro – 29 points
14. United Kingdom – 28 points
15. Sweden – 22 points
16. Malta – 18 points

We are awaiting the official results of the European Broadcasting Union and televoting company Digame, to be sure the results above are 100% correct. It's remarkable the last three countries in the running order came third, second and first! Belarus, that ended up last in the EuroPrediction poll of, won, while Malta, the number one at the bookmakers, came last.

Royal visitors
Under 'supervision' of Prince Laurent of Belgium, host broadcasters VRT and RTBF, in cooperation with the European Broadcasting Union, managed to organise a highly professional song contest. All performers were in good shape as well and it has to be said again; grown-up Eurovision Song Contest participants, eat your heart out!

The show was aired by public broadcasters in the 16 participating countries, Cyprus, Albania, Ukraine and Portugal. Through satellite channels like TVE Internaticional, a much bigger audience was able to see the show. In Australia, the show will be aired as well but with a delay.

Lights off!
During the show, lights suddenly went off at the press centre. If this was caused by a general problem with the electricity or if someone just hit a switch is still unknown. We are awaiting an official reply of the Belgian electricity company. Something went wrong with the score board as well.

We are working hard on more updates for you, so please stay tuned! Meanwhile, congratulates Kseniya and the Belarussian delegation with their victory!

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