Marcel and Maureen officially presented

by Sietse Bakker 41 views

Moments ago, the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest hosts Marcel and Maureen were officially presented to the international press here in Hasselt.

“Last week, I got the flu and during the first rehearsals with Maureen, I feelt like a steaming pig”, Marcel reveiled during the press conference. His charming colleague Maureen, who will particulary speak French and a little English, doesn't really have a particulary favourite participant. “Me neither”, Marcel said, adding… he likes Belgium a lot!

Speaking about languages, how are the hosts going to deal with English, French and Dutch (or actually Flemish)? “I will speak French for most of the time and a little English, while Marcel will do the major English part”, Maureen explained. “And I will do some Flemish as well, like goedenavond Hasselt!”, Marcel added. “In Belgium, we managed to handle the cultural differences between the Dutch-speaking community, the French-speaking community and even a small German-speaking group”, Marcel explained.

A Greek journalist asked if they will speak French and ENglish during the televoting simultaneously. “Yes, my voice comes from the right speaker, Maureen from the left”, Marcel joked. For the first time ever, the hosts will read out the points 1 to 5 before contacting the spokesperson. Marcel: “It saves time and a show of 2 hours and 30 minutes is more than enough. The Eurovision Song Contest lasts more than 3 hours, too much in my opinion”.

Have a look at our gallery of the hosts' press conference!

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