UPD Latvia: 93 songs for Eirodziesma 2006

by Aija Medinika 192 views

Latvian Broadcaster, LTV, has released the news about the musicians and songs submitted to Eirodziesma 2006 selection – 93 songs composed and written by Latvian and foreign authors have been submitted thus making it a national record.

As Ilona Berzina, Eurovision Song Contest International Coordinator for Latvia, revealed; “I am pleased to advise that today was the deadline for submitting songs for the Latvian National Final. Latvian Television has received 93 songs. It's a record figure since 2000 when Latvian TV participated in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time”.

Last year, a foreign composer or an author had to submit a song in cooperation with Latvian colleagues. This year Latvian TV has made changes by dropping this rule and allowing foreign composers and authors to participate in the competition on equal terms with Latvian composers. As a result, there are 20 entries sent in by foreign authors and three �co-productions� between Latvian and foreign authors. The other 70 entries have been composed and written by musicians from Latvia. There are well-known names and also newcomers among them.

The entries will be delivered to the jury, consisting of both local and foreign experts, who will select the best ones, and those songs will compete in the semi-finals.

On 6th December, LTV has planned a press conference where the songs qualified for semi-finals will be

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