Donna McCaul comes out!

by John Egan 151 views

Donna McCaul, one half of Donna and Joe, has come out as gay in the Irish press. Donna describes herself as “a lesbian and proud of it.” Overall the response has been positive .

Donna McCaul, who with her younger brother Joseph represented Ireland in Kiev, has come out as gay to the Irish press. But putting things in perspective, Donna said that performing in Kieve was “more nerve-wracking than coming out.” While there are several “out” high-profile gay or bisexual men in Ireland (including next year's Irish representative Brian Kennedy, who is bisexual), women making such public statements about their sexuality remains rare in Ireland.

One motivation for Donna's disclosure were rumours surfacing that she had been “queer bashed” outside The George, a gay club in Dublin. In actual fact, Donna wasn't really attacked “and it was not anything to do with The George. I got a clatter.” She has recovered fully from her injuries.

Donna and Joe finished 14th in this year's semi-final and did not qualify for the final with Love?

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