Introducing 2013: Estonia

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Thirty-nine countries are competing with the aim to lift the trophy in Malmö. The thirty-sixth country to be introduced is Estonia. The country won the contest in 2001 and this year Birgit will fly the Estonian flag in Sweden.

Basic information

Performer: Birgit
Song: Et uus saaks alguse
Language: Estonian
Music: Mihkel Mattisen
Lyrics: Mihkel Mattisen & Silvia Soro

The song

The Estonian song is a ballad with the main theme is New beginning. Birgit sings about how things can get better as every door that closes eventually opens again.

Ma mäletan veel
kui tuli mu hinge, et jääda, see tunne nii suur.
Samas nüüd seisan ma teel
vaadates südame sisse, seal viliseb tuul.
Aga tean, ma tean,
kõik võib muuta heaks.
Iga uks, mis kord sulgub, see avaneb taas.

Veel sulab jää ja õide puhkeb raagus puu.
Iga lõpp ei ole muud, kui algus uus.
On vaja ööd, et päev tooks valguse,
et uus saaks alguse.
Mis möödund, jäägu kaugele,
et uus saaks taas alguse.

The performer

Birgit is the first winner of Estonian Idol Eesti otsib superstaari. In 2007, at the Italian culture festival L’Olivo d’Oro (Golden Olive) Birgit was the first non-Italian to receive the golden olive branch award. Birgit has also been involved with professional theatre productions: in 2007 she played the role of Sylvia in the stage play Two Gentlemen of Verona (written by William Shakespeare and directed by a well-known Estonian director/actor Lembit Peterson) at the Estonian theatre Theatrum. In 2009 she teamed up with the internationally acclaimed deep house production duo Rulers of the Deep on the album Teineteisel pool. At the theatre Vanemuine, she has played the lead role in The Sound of Music and appeared in a number of supporting roles in the popular rock musical Peko (premiered in 2010).

The songwriters

Et uus saaks alguse is written by Mihkel Mattisen and Silvia Soro. Mattisen is a successful composer and performer of both classical music and pop. He is widely recognised for his talent, having been a team captain on the Estonian television show Tähed muusikas. Soro is the sister of Birgit’s partner Indrek Sarrap. She is a freelance playwright, director and an actor. She has written more than thirty plays, the majority of which have been penned for the young actors she tutors. Five of her plays have been staged by professional theatres in Estonia.

The national selection

For the second time, the Estonian national selection included two semi-finals. A total of ten songs qualified for the final where the winner was chosen and got the ticket to Malmö.

Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Estonia wanted to debut in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 but did not make it past the Eastern Europe semi-final. A poor debut in 1994 and a relegation in 1995 followed, but luck turned the year after: six top ten placing including a victory would follow over the next seven years. However, Estonia was one of only two countries – the other being Andorra – that took part in every semi-final stage broadcast until 2008 without qualifying. In 2009, Estonian qualified for the final for the first time but the country missed the final the following year. In the last two editions Estonia managed to qualify to the final and last year Ott Lepland got a respectable 6th place.


Excluding the failed attempt in 1993, it will be Estonia’s 19th participation in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. It will be the eighth time the country is represented by a female solo artist. Furthermore, it will be the 9th time that the Estonian entry will be performed in the native language.

Estonian vote in Eurovision

Estonia gave its most points to Russia while Finland awarded the most points to the Baltic nation. However if the semi-final points are taken into account Estonia received the most points from neighboring Latvia.

The betting odds

According to, Estonia is currently standing at number 22 to win the Eurovision Song Contest. On the other hand it looks favourable for the country to qualify as it is the tenth favourite to qualify from semi-final one.

Me soovime Eestile ja Birgit ‘le palju edu ning head önnestumist Malmö!


Preview clip

Kahel vahel

365 days (Eesti Laul 2008)

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