Interview: Cascada will keep the German performance simple with two backing singers

by Michalis Vranis 1,585 views

Her name is Natalie Horler and along with DJ Manian and Yann Peifer she joined forces and created a project that enjoyed fame, success and “Glory” over the best dancefloors worldwide. Their name is Cascada and their music has reached every corner on earth. In 2013, they are representing their home country Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest and we got the chance to get to know them better.

1. Usually an interview has to include questions that will present the singer and his/her habits, interests and of course their career. Let’s reverse the roles and tell us yourself which your highest achievement so far as Cascada, is.

To be honest, I’m terrible at knowing our statistics, our number, records sold, etc. What I can tell you is I am very proud that we have made it this far. My biggest achievement is that I have been able to live off of my dream job for nearly ten years now and I hope that it lasts even longer.

2. Let’s go back to 14 February when you won the ticket to Malmö in the German national final. Even though you were among the hot favourites to win, the tension was rising throughout the show. What were you thinking those moments? Can you share with us an interesting fact from that night?

I was asked throughout that day and even the days before, which place I thought I might make. I have always thought and will continue to think the same about the big show in Malmö, that we all have the same chance to be successful. I personally never believed we would win, as I think people will choose who they like and which song they enjoy- this is down to personal taste and makes it impossible to foresee. I’m just going to cross my fingers like I did on 14 February and hope for the best. There is a lot of competition.

3. Did Cascada ever consider taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest before, or even get asked to do it? Was it always going to be Germany, or maybe the United Kingdom where Natalie has her roots?

This was the first time we were ever involved with the subject at all, so when we were approached to take part in the German national final, we didn’t hesitate. Although I am English, Cascada as a group is from Germany and is a German group, so it always made sense to compete for Germany.

4. What would be your message to other big name chart acts, who are reluctant to take part in the song contest for the fear of failing and even a career suicide, as the most pessimistic would call it?

I wouldn’t give advice to any artist, because it has to be their decision if they want to get involved with the Eurovision Song Contest. I think it´s amazing and I can’t wait to get there. I also think it is ridiculous to think it could result in “career suicide”….if you are successful before you enter, than I don’t believe things will change afterwards.

5. The road to Malmö is paved with lots of promotion, interviews, shows and meetings. What is your daily schedule now that the grand final is getting closer and closer? How are you going to present your song on stage? Can you share some information about your team? (Vocalists, dancers, stylists etc)

I am slowly being told what our itinerary will look like for our week in Malmö and it will be filled with a lot of press work, but also events to go to. We won’t be filling the stage with lots of props or dancers, we are going to keep the show fairly simple to present our song the best possible way. There’s never any knowing what the best is anyway, so it makes sense to do what makes you feel comfortable. I will have two female singers on stage with me doing backing vocals and a close make up artist-friend of mine is travelling with us to do hair and make up there. That’s it!

6. Analysts of the Eurovision Song Contest say that the songs that appear closer to the end of the show have more chances in winning it. Which are the factors a stage performance must have in order to win? Is it a combination of song, lyrics, vocals and show or one/two of those factors are enough?

I think you answered the question yourself! I think it is a combination of everything – a good song that the viewers enjoy, a show that speaks for itself and hopefully a singer they can connect with.

7. Can you describe a scene where your song could work as a soundtrack? What is the story behind it?(Could it be a scene where two people meet in a club and fall in love with each other?)

Well, our song isn’t about a love story between two people so I don’t really see the club scene. But I could imagine a scene where some people want to break out of their everyday life that they don’t feel content with and run away to a far off country to live a different kind of life they’d always dreamed of. Maybe something like that (smiles)!

8. What are your plans after Eurovision? Tell us more about any planned tour. Have you prepared any album release soon?

We will release our first ever acoustic album this year, which I am very excited about. Otherwise life for Cascada will continue the same as now – a lot of shows and travelling. That’s what we love to do the most.

9. Germany is one of the founder members of the Eurovision Song Contest, and has participated in the contest almost every year since then. Do you follow the Eurovision Song Contest? What memories do you have of the contest? Which are your favourite German Eurovision entries?

I actually didn’t watch the Eurovision Song Contest much as a child, I only started taking interest in it in the last few years. It was Lena’s participation for Germany about three years ago that made me want to watch it more. There has always been a certain curiosity about the show though, because especially for artists it really is a big event and exciting to see.

10. Have you spoken to any of the former German Eurovision representatives? Lena? Roman Lob? If so, what have they shared with you about their Eurovision experience?

I have only spoken to Lena and she just told me that it is an experience like no other and that I will do many, many interviews!!

11. If you could rule the world for one day, what would you do first?

I seriously don’t think I could change any of the worlds’ problems in one day…which is a shame of course.

12. Do you have any message for our readers at

I’d just like to thank everyone who is interested in the Eurovision Song Contest – it´s a fantastic experience for me as well and I can’t wait to meet many of you out there and I’m looking forward to getting to Malmö to rock the show!

The team wants to thank Natalie Horler for taking the time to answer our questions, and to wish Cascada the best of luck in Malmö!