Oikotimes.com suffers from technical problems

by Sietse Bakker 87 views

At the moment, oikotimes.com suffers from technical problems, which we are trying to solve with our Greek colleagues. For a few days, oikotimes.com will serve its most important news through esctoday.com. Meanwhile, the oikotimes.com team is working hard on a long-term solution.

The website's provider claims that the problems are caused by the website's content management system. However, they cannot exactly tell what the problem is and how to solve it.

Oikotimes.com and esctoday.com are partners already since a few years. To help our Greek colleagues as good as possible, we offered them to serve its visitors through esctoday.com for a few days. Meanwhile, we are co-operating to find a long-term solution for the problems. From tomorrow morning, oikotimes.com will temporary link to www.esctoday.com/oikotimes.

The oikotimes.com team apologises its dedicated visitors for the inconvenience.

Update: Since Friday morning, the website is up and running again! Some of the features are still under construction.

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