Congratulations: 1976-1985

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This week, we will discuss one decade of the Eurovision Song Contest's history. Or, more particular, the entries from that decade chosen to compete among the last 14 during the 50th anniversary show Congratulations, which will take place this Saturday in Copenhagen, Denmark.

1976 – UK – Brotherhood of Man – Save your kisses for me
The 1976 Eurovision Song Contest took place on 3rd April in The Hague's Concertgebouw and was hosted by former Dutch representative ánd winner Corry Brokken (1957). 18 countries took part, Sweden skipped a year because they didn't want to organise the 1977 edition in case they would win.

Brotherhood of Man won the UK national selection with only a few points more than runner-up Coco, who would represent the country in 1978. Nicky Stevens, Sandra Stevens, Martin Lee and Lee Sheriden formed the group, of which the formation was similar to the one of ABBA (the so-called two boys, two girls-approach). With Save your kisses for me they had a big hit in many European countries.

1980 – Ireland – Johnny Logan – What�s another year
As Israel won the contest for the second consecutive time in 1979, the contest's organisation was awarded to Israel. Due to financial problems, Dutch broadcaster NOS took over the organisation. On 19th April, the Eurovision Song Contest took place in The Hague's Concertgebouw. Marocco participated for the first time. It would be their last time as well…

Johnny Logan won this edition of the contest with What�s another year and it wouldn't be the last time. Born as Seán Sherrard on 13th May, 1954, in Frankston, Australia, he started his career as musical actor. In 1987 he won the contest again with Hold me now. In 1992 he won the contest as song writer of Linda Martin's Why me.

In 2004, he wrote a song for the Dutch national selection, which he did again in 2005. Earlier this year, he toured the Netherlands with the show Songfestival in Concert.

1982 – Germany – Nicole – Ein bißchen Frieden
The 1982 Eurovision Song Contest took place in Harrogate's Conference Center and was hosted by Jan Leeming. 18 countries participated, Finland came last with a protest song against neutron bombs. Kojo's Nuku pommiin didn't get a single point. Another song about peace did a lot better; Nicole's Ein bißchen Frieden won the contest with 161 points, 61 points more than the runners-up from Israel.

Nicole Hohloch from Saarbrück, 17 years young at the time of her Eurovision Song Contest victory, performed her song on a white guitar. During the reprise of the song, she sang in German, English, Dutch and French. It was the last time a Eurovision Song Contest song made it to the first place in the Dutch charts.

Nicole brought Germany its only Eurovision Song Contest victory so far.

Thursday: 1986-1995
1987 – Ireland – Johnny Logan – Hold me now
1988 – Switzerland – Céline Dion – Ne partez pas sans moi

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