t.A.T.u.: comeback and new image

by Marcus Klier 211 views

The Russian duo t.A.T.u., who represented Russia in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, are currently trying a comeback with their new album Dangerous and moving. Lately, they gave an interview to the German website netzeitung.de.

Julia and Elena were formed as the lesbian duo t.A.T.u. in 2002 and became famous because of their provocative stage performances although they weren't allowed to kiss during their Eurovision Song Contest appearance in Riga in 2003. After taking part, Julia gave birth to a daughter. The duo says, that this is the reason for their break. For their new album they seem to have changed their image. “We are no lesbians. We don't know, if we are going to kiss each other again on stage. We will decide spontaneously”, they told to netzeitung.de. Julia is still in a relationship with her child's father.

Tracklist of Dangerous and moving:

1. Dangerous and moving
2. All about us
3. Cosmos (Outer space)
4. Loves me not
5. Friend or foe
6. Gomenasai
7. Craving (I only want what I can't have)
8. Sacrifice
9. We shout
10. Perfect enemy
11. Objzienka nol
12. Dangerous and moving
13. Vsya moya lubov

t.A.T.u. finished third in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest with their song Ne ver, ne boisja with only 3 points distance to the winner.

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