Padar & Benton not on stage?

by Jarmo Siim 108 views

SL Õhtuleht, Estonia's largest tabloid, wrote today that Tanel Padar's and Dave Benton's performing or not performing on the ESC 2002 is still unknown.

Both Padar and Benton told that ETV hasn't contacted them about the performing on the ESC 2002, but they would really like to do it, even for free. Padar also told that if he won't perform then he won't be in Saku Suurhall, because he thinks that the best view is on TV.

ETV gives no comment about it. SL Õhtuleht wrote that their resources have said that 'Everybody' isn't in the current script of the ESC 2002.

The winning song has been performed about on the half cases of Eurovision.