Sweden: Aftonbladet rumours about performers

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Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet has thrown some further light onto Melodifestivalen 2006 by publishing a list of the singers with their songs for next year. Whilst this is yet to be confirmed, many are simple logical conclusions.You can see the full list of the 28 songs announced so far below. In a separate article, an interview with Magnus Carlsson, it suggests that he will be alongside Rednex and Jerry Williams as three of the four wildcard entries in the Swedish 2006 selection.

Anna Sahlene co-wrote her song with Bobby Ljunggren and Henrik Wikström who have each secured four entries in the final 28. Another of their entries will be sung by Sonja Aldén, who performed at the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest as a backing singer with Lithuania.

Kikki Danielsson, who took Sweden to third place in 1985 is amongst the singers, listed. Alongside ther will be previous Swedish Eurovision Song Contest entrants Kayo (2001, Afro-Dite), Magnus Bäcklund and Jessica Andersson (2003, Fame) who will all be singing with solo efforts this time around. Roger Pontare represented Sweden in 2000 at the Eurovision Song Contest with When spirits are calling my name

I dag och i morgon
Composers: Thomas G:son, Calle Kindbom
Artist: Kikki Danielsson

Innan natten är över
Composers: Thomas G:son, Henrik Sethsson
Artist: Kayo (or Barbados)

Composers: Bobby Ljunggren, Thomas G:son, Henrik Wikström
Artist: Sonja Arden

Ge mig en kaka till kaffet
Composers: Thomas G:son
Artist: Östen med resten

Don”t try to stop me
Upphovsmän: Henrik Hansson, Anders Hallbäck.
Artist: Laila Adele

Jag ljuger så bra
Composers: Lars “Dille” Diedricson, Martin Hedström, Pling Forsman.
Artist: Linda Bengtzing

En droppe regn
Composers: Ingela “Pling” Forsman, Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström.
Artist: Jonas Lengstrand

Golden star
Composers: Mikael Anderfjärd, Andreas Nordqvist, Danne Attlerud.
Artist: ?

Faller du så faller jag
Composers: Patrik Isaksson
Artist: Patrik Isaksson

Under your spell
Composers: Pontus Hagberg, Malin Eriksson, Jonas Sjöström
Artist: Evan

Composers: Thomas G:son, Marcos Ubeda
Artist: Roger Pontare

The name of love
Composers: Lina Eriksson, Mårten Eriksson
Artist: Magnus Bäcklund

Aiayeh (the music of the samba)
Composers: Simone Moreno, Anders von Hofsten, Andreas Unge, Andreas Kleerup
Artist: Simone Moreno

Älskar du livet
Composers: Calle Kindbom, Dan Fernström
Artist: Björn Kjellman

Mi amore
Composers: Niclas Molinder, Joacim Persson, Pelle Ankarberg
Artist: Velvet (Jenny Petterson)

So good
Composer: Stephen Simmonds
Artist: Stephen Simmonds

Jag tar det jag vill ha
Composers: Johan Fransson, Tobias Lundgren, Niklas Edberger, Tim Larsson, Sandra Dahlberg
Artist: Sandra Dahlberg

La chica dela copa
Composers: Patrik Magnusson, Johan Ramström, Pablo Cepeda
Artist: Pablo Cepeda

Kalla nätter
Composers: Niklas Edberger, Johan Fransson, Tobias Lundgren, Tim Larsson
Artist: Jessica Andersson

Like fire tonight
Composers: Mats Söderlund, Anderz Wrethov
Artist: Günther

Oh yeah
Composers: Daniel Bäckström, Funky Dan Larsson, Eddie Brown, Jens Duwsjö, Martin Carboo
Artist: Three Elements

Composers: Jan Schaffer, Lars Åberg
Artist: Electric Banana Band

Composers: Kristofer Stange, Adam Chiapponi, Stefan Wesström
Artist: Preeme

Upphovsmän: Bobby Ljunggren, Pling Forsman, Henrik Wikström
Artist: Sonja Arden

When loves comin' back again
Upphovsmän: Thomas G:son, Pontus Assarsson
Artist: Jessica Folcker

Night of passion
Upphovsmän: Robert Olausson, Maiti Alfonzetti, Sonja Aldén, Johan Lyander
Artist: The Poodles

Mi amor
Composers: Magnus Rongedal, Henrik Rongedal, Lotta Ahlin, Tommy Lydell
Artist: ?

This woman
Upphovsmän: Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström, Anna Sahlin
Artist: Anna Sahlene

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