Esma and Lozano promise strong powerful voices on the stage

by Gafurr Sahiti 446 views

Today our series of interviews continue with Esma and Lozano. The will be representing FYR Macedonia as song number three in the second semi-final on 16 May.

Hello dear Esma and Vlatko. Thank you both of you for talking to us today. We would like to start with Vlatko.

1. How did you feel when MKRTV selected you to represent you country at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest?

Vlatko: It was such an excitement. I’m a very big Eurovision fan, and I’ve always wanted to represent my country on this show. I am very pleased to have that opportunity this year but it’s also a big responsibility. I’ll give my best!

2. Esma, as one of most well known and recognized artist from the Balkan area you have given thousands of concerts in more than 30 countries. Was Eurovision Song Contest an event that you still wanted to add in your long music career?

Esma: I see this participation more as wish to help my country to have better presentation on the Eurovision Song Contest. I think that I have a lot of fans all over Europe, and they will give their vote for us. Also I like to say thanks to all my European Promoters, for the support they give to our entry promoting our song ‘Pred da se razdeni’.

3. Pred da se razdeni is that song title of your entry. Vlatko, you are singing the modern parts of the song which are of the pop music style. Can you tell us something about it?

Vlatko: In my opinion ‘Pred da se razdeni’ is a unique song that is very different from all of the songs in the contest. The melody is very powerful and the arrangement has its own diversity. I’m very pleased that in my part of the song I can express my vocal abilities. The song is very emotional and so are the lyrics. No matter the language we are singing in, people can feel the depth of ‘Pred da se razdeni’ through our performance.

4. Esma, you are going to Eurovision with typically Gypsy music. How do you feel about the fact that Europe will have the opportunity to hear more about the unique Roma music?

Esma: I think that Europe knows a lot about Gypsy music, but it is historical moment for Eurovision, because for the first time one song will be sung in Gypsy language. I’ll present my style of singing, very pure and very natural as I usually do in my concerts. The idea was to present both of us in original, as we truly are.

5. Do the lyrics of Pred da se razdeni have a special message?

Vlatko: The message of my part of the lyrics is: stay by your beloved ones, no matter what! True love never dies!

6. What should we expect from the live performance of the song on Eurovision stage in Malmö?

Esma: Strong, powerful voices. I always put attention on my singing, and think that it is the most important thing for one singer. Of course, the styling gives 20% of the complete view, but the interpretation is number 1.

7. Do you have any plans to promote your entry?

Vlatko: Eurovision in Concert in Amsterdam is the biggest event we are visiting. I can’t wait to see the first reaction of the public from the life performance of Pred da se razdeni. We’re doing interviews all the time, mostly from our home country, and we’ll make an effort to do appearances in some TV shows in the other countries, because we have to concentrate on the performance in Malmö.

Esma: On 13 April, we are going to Amsterdam, and I expect a lot from that promotion. Also we are in process of shooting the video clip, and there are some negotiations to present the video clip, on Balkanika music TV channel, and also to go in Albania and make a video promotion in KLAN TV and Albanian National Television.

8. Do you both follow the Eurovision Song Contest?

Vlatko: I think that every pop singer from this region is an Eurovision fan. I’ve been following it since I was little, and I remember that every year I had my own favorite that I was voting for. I remember great songs such as Athena – For real, Marija Serifovic – Molitva, Loreen – Euphoria, Johnny Logan – Hold me now, Joksimovic – Lane moje, Dima Bilan – Never let you go… If I think better, the list is very long.

Esma: If you ask me about this year, yes I know all the songs, I listened them, my management inform me every day about the ratings and what is new, so I almost know everything.

9. Finally, do you have a message for the readers of

Vlatko: Watch Eurovision, I truly hope you’ll like our song. If so – vote for us and remember – we’re one!

Esma: Yes, listen to ‘Pred da se razdeni’, several times a day, to notice how good it is and be sure of who your vote will go to. I love you all.