Cyprus accepts entries until 30th December

by Sietse Bakker 73 views

Cypriot broadcaster CyBC presented the rules for its 2006 Eurovision Song Contest selection. The deadline for submitting songs has been set as 30th December, noon. The 2006 Cypriot entry will be selected by televoters, an internal selection committee will pick the 10 songs for the national competition.

All Cypriot ánd European composers and lyricists are allowed to send in a song for the Cypriot national selection. All those who submit songs should also submit a solemn declaration to the effect that they are not participating in a similar contest announced by other radio and television stations of other countries. It's not clear if this is applicable to the submitted song or the actual writer/composer in person.

CyBC is not bound to participate in the contest with any of the songs selected, in the event that it is not satisfied by the composition, the standard, the lyrics or the performance in general. In such an eventuality, the CyBC will have the right either not to participate in the contest, or to participate by commissioning a composer/lyricist/singer of its own choice with the composition of an entry.

Although CyBC prefers to receive entries up to the first week of December, envelopes with postal stamps dated until 30th December are valid entries. Entries received after this date are considered as invalid.

CyBC did not mention a date for the national selection.