Leandros won't appear in Copenhagen

by Sietse Bakker 278 views

Vicky Leandros, who participated in the 1967 Eurovision Song Contest and won the 1972 Eurovision Song Contest with Après toi, will not attend the 50th anniversary show Congratulations, which takes place on 22nd October in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“Vicky's performance would be limited to 90 seconds, therefore she will not attend the anniversary show”, Paul Aijtink, who is Vicky Leandros' webmaster, said to esctoday.com. Although artists have to be realistic that they have to share a relatively short time with many people, it makes sense to state that a trip to Denmark for 90 seconds of appearance can be considered as ineffecient.

Leandros is currently completing her new album, which contains 30 songs. Among them, her two Eurovision Song Contest entries in new arrangements and five new compositions. The album is scheduled to be released by the end of October.

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