Lindsay to represent Belgium in Hasselt

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With Mes rêves, Lindsay will represent host country Belgium at the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. With 60 points, she defeated the other five contestants.

The results
The three best scoring Flemish songs and the three best scoring songs in French from the two semifinals qualified to the final of Eurokids 2005. All songs can still be heard here. The results;

1. Lindsay – Mes rêves | 12-12-12-24 | 60 points (French)
2. Max – Voor eeuwig | 11-11-9-22 | 53 points (Flemish)
3. qROCKmadam – Grenzen | 8-10-7-20 | 45 points (Flemish)
4. Jess 'n Emmy – Een gevoel | 9-9-8-18 | 44 points (Flemish)
5. Marie – Non, stop | 10-7-11-14 | 42 points (French)
6. Céline – Pourquoi | 7-8-10-16 | 41 points (French)

* Points given by the junior jury, a professional jury, the radio jury and the televoters (phone and SMS)

11-year old Lindsay lives in the Flemish village of Wezembeek-Oppem, near Brussels. Lindsay, who is the eldest of three children, dreams about becoming a big singer herself. Mes rêves, My dreams, is a direct 'translation' of that dream.

Belgium hosts the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Hasselt on 26th November.

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