Latvian C-Stones go Lithuanian

by Aija Medinika 112 views

There have been precedents when the musicians have been allowed to take part in Eurovision Song Contest national selections in other countries. Will Lithuanian broadcaster (LTR) change its rules to allow Latvian C-Stones in the selection?

The Latvian group C-Stones has expressed its wish to participicate in next year's Eurovision Song Contest selections in Lithuania. However, it is not certain yet if the rules of the Lithuanian broadcaster will allow the Latvians to take part. LRT is used to allow artists with Lithuanian nationality only.

C-Stones' members are hoping for an exception and have already stated not to participate in Latvian selection for Eirodziesma 2006. “Nowadays we are feeling like we're almost Lithuanians. We have participated in Lithuanian TV shows such as NML and the Lithuanian Top Ten and had big hits on the Lithuanian radio. So we decided to participicate in the Lithuanian national final next year”, they said.

C-Stones took part in the Latvian national finals of 2002 and 2003. In October 2004, the group became a trio, as Kristians, one of the members, left the team.

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