Tonight: a busy night in junior land!

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Tonight, Denmark will choose its representatives for the third Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The winner will be chosen out of 10 Junior MGP 2005 participants. Latvia will as well select its entry for Hasselt 2005, just like FYR Macedonia. Meanwhile, the second semifinal of the Junior Nationaal Songfestival 2005 takes place in Utrecht, the Netherlands. A busy junior night, so to speak!

MGP 2005 takes place in DR's Studio 3. Jacob Riising will host the live event. The winner will be chosen by the televoters (phone and SMS).

1. Annisette Ravn Jørgensen & Nanna Rossen – Venindetanker
2. Marieke van Beest – Musikken
3. Lucas Oliver Hasnaoui – Fest her
4. Jeans – Jeg ka' nemli' godt li' dig
5. Karoline Dolva & Zoe Lilja Mikkelsen – Et stjerneskud
6. L.B.S. – Superman
7. Kirstine Munkeboe Madsen – Kære fru lærer signe
8. Twiz – Du må forstå
9. Julia Østergård – Sol og sommer
10. Nicolai Kielstrup – Shake-shake-shake

In a national selection hosted by 2005 Eurovision Song Contest representatives Walters & Kazha, the Latvian participant for this year's Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen. The participants in running order;

1. Laura Grigorjeva – Bam, bam, bam
2. Kristiana Stirane – Lielais baltais draugs
3. Elina Zarina & Ieva Vilcina – Velies
4. Ieva Sutugova – Nac lidz!
5. Kristine Brjazgunova – Karnevals
6. Madara Gregere – Viss notiksies!
7. Daniels Groza & Monta Belinska – Es esmu maza, jauka meitene
8. Ilze Ozolina – Naciet visi man lidzi
9. Sabine Berezina –Reiz kada pilseta
10. Evita Grzibovska -Lidojums sapni

FYR Macedonia
Macedonian's national selection for the third Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held tonight as well. The contest will be in one of the studios of Macedonian Radio Television at 21:00 CET.

10 Songs will partipate in the national selection, the winning song will be chosen by televoting (60%) and a jury (40%). The Macedonian national selection was originally scheduled for the 26th June but for unknown reasons MKRTV decided to be held in September. A list of participants is, at the moment, not available.

The Netherlands
In the second and last semifinal of the Dutch junior selection we will learn who will join Tess and Tjindjara in next week's final. The jury will also announce the wildcard participant.

1. Sophie – Spetterende tijden
2. Tyrone – Keer op keer
3. Yara & Anjes – Vriendschap
4. Giovanni – Machteloos
5. Cleo – Ik lijk zo op een jongen

As soon as details come in, you can find them at tonight!

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