Belgian Roberto does not feel the pressure on going against world stars

by Stephane London 347 views

Today we get to talk to the Belgian representative for Malmö, Roberto Bellarosa. His song Love kills will be song number 15 in the first semi-final on 14 May. 

1. Love kills won the national selection last December, why did the delegation decide to change the original version of the song?
It is not the delegation which decided to change the original version of Love kills, it’s my own decision. The original version was too hard and it was not my universe. It was too pop-rock for me and the beat was too quick. I prefer an emotional song.

2. Was Love kills your favourite song of the selection?
Of course, it was my favorite song.

3. How do you go from winning The Voice to representing Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest?
The Voice was also organized by the national TV broadcaster RTBF and their director asked me if I would agree to represent my country in the Eurovision Song Contest.

4. What type of performance are you going to give in the Eurovision Song Contest? Are you going to use new technologies or keep it simple?
I will not use technology. I think we will keep it simple with emotion, with a beautiful show, dancers, backing vocals but no technology. I don’t think it’s important. But thinking about it, I might like some fireworks though.

5. You have just only turned 18, and have just started your career. How does it feel to have the opportunity to sing in front of dozens of millions of people around the globe alongside Bonnie Tyler, Anouk or Cascada? Do you feel the pressure already?
No, I do not really feel the pressure because I already had a similar experience with The Voice Belgique and I love challenges.

6. A lot of contestants are coming from singing competitions like The Voice, is it the main or easiest option you have now in the music industry to be discovered or heard?
For me The Voice was a step towards the release of my first album, maybe even a boost, but it is not the only option to discover an artist. You still have live performances for example.

7. Why singing in a foreign language and not in your mother tongue?
Because I think that for Eurovision, it is better to sing in English because it is a universal language and many people understand it.

8. Are you still studying or did you put education on the side to live the dream?
I have currently put my education on the side to live my dream, but I intend to go back to studying. I would like to finish my scholar curriculum.

9. Have you listened to the other contestants, any favourites so far?
No, I do not listen to other contestants, thus I do not have a favorite song so far (besides mine, ha ha!)

10. If you could sing any song from the contest, which one would it be and why?
It would be Fairytale from Alexander Rybak, and my own song of course!

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