Aliona Moon to light the sky in the Moldovan postcard

by Gabriel Vivas 307 views

The Moldovaan representative, Aliona Moon, gathered with over 500 fans to film her Eurovision postcard and lighted up the sky in Chisinau releasing over thousand sky lanterns.

Sveriges Television SVT is traveling around Europe filming this year’s Eurovision postcards with all the 39 entrants. Last week the SVT team landed in Chisinau to film Aliona Moon’s postcard. The clip that will introduce the Moldavian entry will be focused in the launching of over 1000 lanterns to night sky.

A few days ago, Aliona published a video on Youtube inviting all the Eurovision fans to participate in the shooting of the Moldovan postcard. More than 500 people attended to the set, making this clip one of the most spectacular filmed to date. Pasha Parfeny, last year’s entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest and composer of O mie, accompanied Aliona on a small concert for all those who were present.

The clip will also feature the young singer cooking traditional food, riding horses and introducing the archeological complex Orheiul Vechi to Europe with a beautiful panoramic shoot.

Aliona Moon will perform at number 12 in the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 14 May.

Photos: TRM, Yuliana Scutaru