Introducing 2013: Romania

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Thirty-nine countries are competing with the aim to lift the trophy in Malmö. The eighth country to be introduced is Romania. The country got its best placing in 2005 and 2010 and is awaiting Eurovision glory.

Basic information

Performer: Cezar
Song: It’s my life
Language: English
Music: Cristian Faur
Lyrics: Cristian Faur

The song

A typical pop opera song is presented by Romania this year in the Eurovision Song Contest. Cezar sings about the beauty of love and how life can be shared through love.

Love is so bright
Like a diamond in the light
Love is so true
I can paint my world in blue

Love is so deep
And it makes my life complete
Like a mountain in the sky
Love is high, so high

It’s my life and I know it’s not forever
It’s my life and I’ll share it all with you
It’s my life, we were meant to be together
I’ll give my life to you

The performer

Cezar Florin Ouatu, better known simply as Cezar, is a Romanian singer and operatic countertenor. In the 2003 International Singing Contest Francisco Viñas, he won the Best Countertenor prize and has sung at several European opera houses, including the Opéra de Lausanne as Nireno in Giulio Cesare (April 2008) and as Ruggiero in Alcina (2011/2012 season)

The songwriter

It’s my life is written by Cristian Faur a very popular Romanian artist. Faur is not new to the Eurovision Song Contest as he wrote the 2005 Romanian entry that managed to get the first ever third place for the country. Faur studied music for three years in London. Cristian also achieved a film scoring diploma as he studied music in media. He won a lot of composer awards; both in Romania and outside his country.

The national selection

Twelve acts competed in the Romanian national final better known as Selectia Nationala. Cezar won the selection by jury voting and televoting at a 50%-50% split.

Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest

Romania had a very rough start in the contest. The country did not only finish higher than 17th in its first three participations, However, in 2002 it turned: Romania would finish in the top ten four times over the following five years and win the semi-final of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest. In Oslo, the country achieved a second third place after three less successful participations resulting in a 13th, 20th and 19th place respectively. Last year Mandinga ranked third in the semi-final but in the final they the group finished 12th.


This will be Romania’s 15th participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. It will be the third time that the country is represented by a male solo performer. The last time Romania sent a male solo singer was in 2006 when Mihai Trăistariu finished fourth.

Romanian vote in Eurovision

Romania has given the most points to Greece while Spain is the country that gave most points to Romania.

The betting odds

According to is currently standing at number 33 to win the Eurovision Song Contest while it looks more favourable for Romania to qualify as it is the seventh favourite to qualify from semi-final two.

Îi dorim României și Cezar mult noroc şi un rezultat bun in Malmö!


Preview clip

Making of It’s my life

Il Giustino

Tomorrow another country will be introduced (hint – it’s all about Eurovision)

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