Introducing 2013: Greece

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Thirty-nine countries are competing with the aim to lift the trophy in Malmö. The third country to be introduced is Greece. The country won the 50th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and this year Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas Iakovidis will fly the Greek flag in Sweden.

Basic information

Performers: Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas Iakovidis
Song: Alcohol is free
Language: Greek/English
Music: Elias Kozas
Lyrics: Stathis Pachidis, Ilias Kozas

The song

The upbeat song with the Balkan sound and Greek elements, describes a navigation scene over north Greece, as the group sings that “alcohol is free”.

Μας βρήκε η τρικυμία μέσα στην Εγνατία
Μποφόρια μας τραβάνε στα ανοιχτά
Σα λάθος να’ναι η ρότα, ποιος παίζει με τα φώτα;
Κι η πλώρη μας τραβάει για Γρεβενά

Σε μια θάλασσα ουίσκι
Ναυαγοί και ποιος μας βρίσκει
Και ζαλίζεται τρεκλίζει, όλ’η γη

Με κεφάλι σουρωτήρι
Και τ’αμάξι τρεχαντήρι
Ποιος του έβαλε πηδάλιο και πανί;

Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol is free (x3)
Alcohol is free, alcohol is free

The performers

Koza Mostra feat. Agathonas Iakovidis are the Greek representatives for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Koza Mostra is a music band formed in Greece. It consists of Elias Kozas (vocals), Alexis Arhontis (drums), Stelios Siomos (guitar), Dimitris Christonis (bass guitar), Christos Kalaintzopoulos (accordion) and Vasilis Nalmpantis (trumpet). Recently Koza Mostra released their first album Keep up the rhythm. Agathonas Iakovidis is a Greek folk singer. Agathonas has been involved professionally in music since 1973. After a few years, he released his first CD in 1977. Since then, many new CDs have been released by Iakovidis.

The songwriters

This year’s Greek entry is written by Elias Kozas and Stathis Pachidis. Kozas is the leader singer of Koza Mostra while Stathis penned the lyrics of the song.

The national selection

Four acts competed in the Greek national final for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest. The winner was chosen by a jury and tele-voting.

Greece in the Eurovision Song Contest

Greece joined the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974. Despite seven top ten placings between 1974 and 1998, the country was not among the most successful participants in the contest. This changed in 2001, when Greece reached third place in Copenhagen. After another two unsuccessful attempts in 2002 and 2003, Greece has finally found its run of luck and finished in the top ten every year from 2004 onwards including a first victory in 2005. It is also the only country that managed to finish in the top ten every year of every contest held since the introduction of the semi-final stage except in last year’s final.


This will be Greece’s 34th participation in the Eurovision Song Contest and the fifth time that the country is represented by a group. Since the abolishment of the language in 1999, this year the Greek entry will be almost performed entirely in Greek.

Greek vote in Eurovision

Greece and Cyprus exchanged most of the points in the Eurovision Song Contest. In total Greece gave 295 points to Cyprus while the island awarded the Greeks 280 points.

The betting odds

According to, Greece is currently standing at number 16 to win the Eurovision Song Contest. According to the odds, the Greeks shouldn’t worry about qualification as it is the fourth favourite to qualify from semi-final two.

Ας ευχηθούμε στην Ελλάδα και τους Koza Mostra αλλά και στον Αγάθωνα Ιακωβίδη καλή επιτυχία και καλά αποτελέσματα στο Μάλμε!


Preview clip

National final clip

Koza Mostra – Desire

Tomorrow another country will be introduced (hint – the country is back)

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