Alyona Lanskaya: Solayoh people believe in miracles!

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Alyona Lanskaya will represent Belarus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song Solayoh which was written by Marc Paelinck and Martin King. The Belarusian singer visited Bucharest, Romania during her promo tour and kindly accepted to answer our questions. You can read the interview below.

 Hi, Alyona! Thank you for talking to us today! How does it feel to represent your country in the Eurovision Song Contest?

I take a great responsibility and pride in the fact that I represent Belarus at the international song contest “Eurovision-2013”.

 Are you a regular fan of the contest? Do you usually watch it?

Yes, of course. I am a fan of the competition since my childhood. Every year I look forward to May to see a new show. Among my favorite artists and songs are: Elena Paparizou Die for you, Alyosha Sweet people, Ani Lorak Shady Lady.

Can you tell us more about your song Solayoh, please?

Solayoh is an abstract planet whose inhabitants are good and sincere people. They believe in miracles and in the fact that everything that happens is a miracle. They enjoy the present and have the capability to live every moment full and bright. There’s no monotony of everyday life and no lonely people on this planet. Their hearts are filled with love. They are inspired to express themselves through music, dance, laughter.

For me personally Solayoh is a special cozy place that is within me where I can always go back to feel happy. This is the place inside where I keep all the best memories associated with different events in my life.

Solayoh received very positive feedback both from the fans and from the bookmakers. According to the betting odds, you’re one of the favorites to win the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest. How does it feel to be regraded as a big favorite?

I will not deny that, for me, it was a pleasant fact and a surprise altogether. However,  Eurovision is not predictable. There were the times when the odds would be high for a certain song, but eventually the song would not reach the finals, and vice versa. In any case, I want to thank everyone who leave their votes for the song Solayoh.

Can you reveal more details about the shoot of your videoclip?

I can share my feelings. We filmed a video in early March, and in Turkey there was an abnormally cold weather. I had to dance in a swimsuit 🙂 I’m glad that I had an opportunity to work with a famous video clip maker Senol Korkmaz , a choreographer from Serbia Zile Aleksa Raifovic (founder of the school of dances «ZILENIUM»), the operator Thomas Buelens. Also featured in the video is my friend Alexander Rybak. By the way, very soon everyone will be able to see the official premiere of the video for the song Solayoh.

What should we expect from the live performance of the song on the Eurovision stage in Malmo?

We are currently in talks with the director about the production. I can say for sure that it will be a spectacular and lively act.

Romania was the first country you visited during your promo tour. What other countries are you going to visit before the contest?

We have received proposals from Belgium, Greece, Great Britain, Holland, Ukraine and Russia.

8. What would be the first thing you will do when you arrive back home in Belarus if you’ll win the Eurovision Song Contest?

I haven’t got the time to think it over yet, because my Eurovision schedule has been very tight and 100% of my concentration goes in to preparing for the competition.

Finally, do you have a message for the readers of

Dear readers of ESCTODAY! Solayoh is not just a mystical planet. Perhaps, Solayoh  is the place where you once were happy, or maybe this is just a moment in your life the memories of which you cherish. Each person has his own Solayoh . I invite each of you to the planet Solayoh and I hope that in three minutes while the song sounds, you will again be able to return to the very state where you were happy and felt the most vivid emotion.

Alyona recorded two video messages for us. Watch them below:



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