The 17 Romanian junior participants

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As reported yesterday, 25 songs have been submitted for the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest selections in Romania. Initially, Romanian broadcaster TVR had selected 20 of them to take part in the national selection. After a double check of all participants, it was however noticed that three more participants were breaking the age rule of the European Broadcasting Union.

These are the 17 Romanian participants:

1. Gabriela Bugle – Trenul vacantei (Holiday train)
Age: 8 | From Oradea

2. Georgiana Florentina Bere – As vrea sa fiu o vedeta (I wish to be a star)
Age: 11 | From Oradea

3. Dana Mares – Canta! (Sing!)
Age: 13 | From Ploiesti

4. Alina Eremia – Turai (Hey!)
Age: 11 | From Buftea

5. Gabriel Ciocan – Prietenul meu (My friend)
Age: 13 | From Bucuresti

6. Patricia Matei – Muzica e tot ce am (Music is all I have)
Age: 9 | From: Bucuresti

7. Andreea Trandafir – Ciocolata (Chocolate)
Age: 9 | From Bucuresti

8. Ana Maria Gergely – Zambet de copil (The smile of a child)
Age: 9 | From Bucuresti

9. New Star Music – Rock-ul se canta asa (We rock like this)
Members: Crisitian (12), Iona (11), Roxana (12), Florentina (10)
From: Craiova, Iasi, Bucaresti, Calarasi

10. Dragos Bistriceanu – Romania!!!
Age: 8 | From Bucuresti

11. Trio – Cantec cu chitara (A song with my guitar)
Members: Razvan (13), Claudia (13), Ruxandra (12) | From Bucaresti

12. Silviu Mihaila – Speranta (Hope)
Age: 13 | From Bucuresti

13. Rockids – Ce sa fac (What to do)
Members: Bubu (11), Ana-Vera (11), Giulia (11), Lavinia (11) | From Bucaresti

14. Bebinela – Glie strabuna (Ancient land)
Members: Beatrice (13), Bianca (13), Petronela (13) | From Bucaresti

15. Gloria Melu – Romancuta (Little Romanian girl)
Age: 12 | From Bucaresti

16. Andrei Alexandru Tiba – Suflet de copil (A child's heart)
Age: 12 | From Timisoara

17. Sonia Petra Dumitru – Dar nu-i nimic (But it's alright)
Age: 10 | From Arad

On Saturday 20th August, TVR will be broadcasting a two hour lasting show in which the finalists will present their song. Special guests at the live broadcast will be Noni Razvan Ene, last year's Romanian Junior Eurovision Song Contest representative who finished 4th in Lillehammer, and the popular teenage star Alina Sorescu.

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