New CD single for Shiri Maymon

by Itamar Barak 58 views

Shiri Maymon, who successfully represented Israel at the recent Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, released a new CD single today named A small love.

By winning the Israeli Kdam-Eurovision and later on qualifying to the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest's final where she reached a respectable 4th place, Shiri Maymon made herself a national star by all standards. This was the reason why Maymon's record company decided to put forward her musical career, rather than her other role as a TV magazine co-hosts. The result is a new CD single for Shiri Maymon which was released today, named Ahava K'tana (A small love), the third song from her upcoming debut album.

“The day after the Kdam-Eurovision we decided to speed things up regarding the album, knowing we need to keep up the momentum the victory caused. A lot has changed in my life since the Eurovision Song Contest, but the most important thing is that music is what I do all day long, and this is a childhood dream come true”, said Shiri Maymon to Ma'ariv newspaper. “It is a bit strange that this new song has nothing to do with the Eurovision entry 'Hasheket Shenish'ar', but it is an adequate answer to it. It is not a ballad but rather an up-tempo power rock number, which I got attached to instantly”, said Shiri to

Ahava K'tana was first available this morning for the customers of the Israeli Orange mobile phones operator for download, and only later on released to the radio stations. A part of the song is still available for listening on the Israeli Orange operator's website. Shiri Maymon's debut album is expected to be released until the Jewish new year's holidays, this September.

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