Linas & Simona in duet with Ruslana

by roel 170 views

Linas & Simona, the 2004 Lithuanian Eurovision Song Contest representatives, have recorded a duet with last year's winner Ruslana. Fight for love and freedom is the last brush stroke of Linas & Simona's debut album, which will be released very soon.

Ruslana was very busy with the Eurovision Song Contest, which ended just three weeks ago, and also her concerts schedule was so tight that she couldn't arrive in the studio and record her voice for the song we had arranged a few months ago,” Linas and Simona comment.

But we had patience and told Ruslana: Wildie, we can wait as long as we will have to.” Ruslana's vocal part of the song was recorded in Ukraine and sent to Linas, who finished the song Fight for love and freedom and the upcoming album of the Lithuanian duo.

Ruslana admitted that after her triumph in last year's Eurovision Song Contest, she has received many offers to work together, but she refused them all, even from very famous Russian or Western European idols. “I want to record what I feel, what catches soul, and the song Fight for love and freedom is indeed like that,” Ruslana explains.

Linas and Simona were honoured that Ruslana agreed on a duet. “It was very nice when her producer said that Ruslana even refused to work with Philipp Kirkorov and Demis Roussos,” Linas and Simona smiled. With the song What's happened to your love, they finised 16th in the qualifier round of the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest in Istanbul.

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