Cornald Maas: 'I miss some dangerous outsiders'

by Sietse Bakker 78 views

The Netherlands, one of the founders of the Eurovision Song Contest and four-time winner, is not represented with a song in the shortlist of 14 all-time favourites. asked commentator Cornald Maas for a reaction on the list.

All-time classics
“It's a list with some of the all-time classics… ABBA and Mocedades for example, both having a big chance to win the anniversary event”, Maas said. “However, one Logan song would have been enough, I think. Céline Dion might be overestimated. Her nomination might have to do something with her fame, but not with her mediocre ballad”, he critically commented.

Cornald also appointed which songs are likely to be selected by the internal commission; “The Olsen Brothers are probably selected to please the host broadcaster of this event. This year's Greek entry is, I think, a too recent winner to be appointed as all-time favourite”.

The Netherlands missing
The Netherlands, four-time winner ánd founder of the contest, is not represented in the shortlist. “I regret the fact that there are no dangerous outsiders in the list (…), because they are often even more interesting than the winners. For example our own Ruth Jacott, or Amina. Her song was one of the most exceptional and suprising entries. If this song would have been nominated, France would also have been in the list, he said.

Three missing founders
The Netherlands (four victories), Belgium (one victory) and France (five victories) are the three countries not represented in the shortlist, although they are all 1956 participants and thus founders of the contest. These three countries represent 20 percent of the winners. Turkey is the 'newest' country in the list, as it joined the contest in 1975. None of the countries that joined the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in the past 30 years is represented in the list.

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