2002 polls compared

by Sietse Bakker 386 views

Almost every Eurovision website started a poll to predict the final ranking of the 2002 Eurovision Song Contest. Today we compare the biggest polls.

In the biggest poll at this moment, eurosong.tk, Spain is number one, Germany number two, followed by Sweden, France and Belgium.

In the eurosong.de poll, Germany is 'winner', with France and Sweden on place two and three. Croatia and Denmark are placed fourth and fifth.

The most different poll is the poll from ESC Chart. Cyprus is number one there, with Estonia, Germany, Denmark and Malta placed second till fifth.

Eurovision Madrid has France as 'winner', Germany placed second and Sweden, Spain and Croatia placed third, fourth and fifth.

Eureka visitors voted Germany to the first place, Spain to a second place and Sweden to the thirth place.

Comparing these polls, it appeared that Spain, Germany and Sweden are favourite this year, although the past two years proved that another song can win !

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