Albania not happy with perfomance Ledina Celo

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The Albanian media has been criticizing Ledina Celo's performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. Newspapers in Tirana are writing that the performance was bad and contrasted with the one of Anjeza Shahini the year before in Istanbul. With Tomorrow I go, Albania finished 16th.

Composer Shpetim Saraci declared that it was the fault of the choreography that the song did not get much support. Choreographer Arjan Sukniqi replied him that “the Eurovision Song Contest is a festival of songs and not of dance.

Since they came back from Kyiv, the protagonists of Albania's delegation in Kyiv, singer Ledina Celo and the staff of Albanian Radio and Television, RTSH, have been avoiding all contact with the media and no statements from the delegation have been announced so far. Ledina Celo finished 16th in the final of the contest, last Saturday in Kyiv.

Meanwhile Zhani Ciko, the spokesperson who announced the results of the Albanian vote, rejected the accusations of Malta stating that the Balkan countries have been giving a political vote to Greece, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Ciko told that the televoting was monitored by European Broadcasting Uninon and that there is no place for such accusations.

Albania awarded Helena Paparizou the maximum 12 points and My number one has become a hit in Albania. Radio stations and television channels are airing the song, which already had a great promotional campaign before the contest in Kyiv. As a result, the Albanians were more familiar with the Greek entry than with their own entry Tomorrow I go.

In next year's Eurovision Song Contest, Albania will be participating in the semifinal.

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