Estonian ratings stable

by Jarmo Siim 275 views

According to a survey by polling company TNS Emor, the Estonian viewing figures for the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest were higher for the semifinal and lower for the final of the contest, compared to last year.

This year about 325.000 people watched the semifinal of the Eurovision Song Contest. There has been a minor increase in that number – 3 percent – last year there were 10.000 people less watching the semifinal held in Turkey. Most likely this was influenced by the performances of two Estonian girlbands – Vanilla Ninja for Switzerland and Suntribe for Estonia in the semifinal.

As for the final of the song contest, 313.000 people followed the programme which means the number has decreased about 8%. TNS Emor pointed out that there was a huge drop in these numbers during the last half hour of the show. So it can be said that the length of the TV-programme is a bit too long for the audience to follow.

A total of 700.000 people saw this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv, making it still one of the most popular TV-shows in Estonia. This number includes the number of viewers of the semifinal, the final and their reruns.

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