NTU looks back at 'successful contest'

by Julia Ostromogilska 83 views

The Eurovision Song Contest over, the Kyiv authorities start analyzing the level of its organization and the consequences of such a major event for Ukraine. With so many people watching the final show, the opinions about the quality of its hosting can differ.

Today, Palats Sportu reminds more of a workshop than the place where the anniversary Eurovision Song Contest was taking place just some days ago. The stage, which now belongs to the National Television and Radio Company of Ukraine (NTU), was dismantled and Taras Stetskiv, the President of the company, doesn�t really know what further employment it should be given. Instead, he was really happy to announce that this year's Eurovision Song Contest was staged and organized at the top level. �We received over 3,000 official guests and not a single reproach on their part�, he said.

The Ukranian government officials are so excited about the results of their work in connection with the Eurovision Song Contest hosting, that they are not even upset with the place Greenjolly ranked. According to them, it�s not their victory, but the organization of the contest what matters.

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