Helena: 'Europe is our home!'

by Theo Vatmanidis 97 views

At the same time when people were parting and cheering all over Greece, Helena Paparizou and her team were making their first statements to the Greek media. It was a night of frantic celebration in the country and everybody, from the people dancing in the streets to politicians and artists, were thanking the Greek delegation for their hard work and the joy that their achievement filled them with.

�We showed the modern face of Greece. I reckon that�s the face everybody loves. Europe is our home!' were Helena�s first words after her victory in the 50th Eurovision Song Contest. According to Christos Dantis, the composer of the winner entry, the secret to success was �group work.' 'I�m ecstatic,' said lyricist Natalia Germanou to Greek radio station Antenna,'I was confident we would get the first prize. At the beginning (of the voting) we froze of fear. We were not getting the high votes (we had hoped for) but that was only for a while. We were hoping that, even if we managed one place higher than last year, that would be an achievement in itself. In the end, due to a good song and a very competent performer, we received 12 points from countries we did not expect. Turkey�s 12 points, for example, made us all so happy!'

Among the joyful crowd�s spontaneous renditions of Euro 2004 slogans, came congratulations from all parts of the Greek political, cultural and media world.
�I want to express my warm congratulations for a success, which gave joy and pride to the Greek people. The whole team who worked in front of and behind the lights (of the cameras) did their best for Greece to succeed. I hope and wish that this joint enthusiasm (for the victory) gives impetus to even greater and important achievements in the field of culture, which is the most precious export of our country,' was the formal statement issued by the Greek President, Mr. Karolos Papoulias.

On her name day, Europe gave the best present possible to Helena and, in effect, to all Greek people! Thank you, Europe! Thank you, Helena!

It was announced that ERT has planned a welcome party for Helena and the Greek delegation. The party will take place tomorrow at 5 p.m. at the courtyard of ERT's central studios and everyone is invited. Many fans are also expected to gather at Eleutherios Venizelos International Airport in order to welcome the the singer and her team.

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