BigPoll 2005 predicts correctly

by Wouter van Vliet 365 views

For last year's Eurovision Song Contest our annual prediction poll called BigPoll predicted Ukraine to win and Serbia & Montenegro to come second. This year once, with the help of our visitors, we predicted the winner.

This year's runner up Malta was off by two places. Chiara was predicted to rank 6th. From our predicted top 10, seven of them actually ended up on ranking 10 or higher. Biggest surprise was the UK's Javine. She was predicted on a 8th position, but her 18 points didn't get her any higher than 22nd.

While the only position we predicted correctly was the first, we weren't far off for some others. We had Romania on 4th (ranked 3rd), Switzerland on 5th (ranked 8th), Israel on 7th (ranked 4th) albania on 18th (ranked 16) and Germany on a 24th position (ranked 24).

The average offset for the entire results was 11.06, with an average offset of 5.33 for the top 10 positions.

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