Watch now: Ireland decides for Malmö at 22:30 CET

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The queen of Eurovision Song Contest, Ireland, selects its 47th representative to Europe’s favourite TV show tonight.

The programme:

Eurosong 2013, the national final of Ireland, takes place at The late late show on RTÉ, the Irish Public Broadcaster.

Four solo artists and a band, backed by five mentors, are taking part in Eurosong 2013 tonight. The winner who will represent Ireland to this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be chosen by a combination of televoting and a jury’s verdict (50/50).

The Eurosong discussion panel will consist of Marty Whelan, Bill Hughes and Evelyn O’Rourke.

Former Eurovision winners Lordi will perform Hard rock hallelujah during the interval act of the show.

How to watch:

The show kicks off at 22:30 CET and will be aired live at RTÉ ONE. There will be also a live stream on RTÉ official website, as well as on the webtv of the official website of the Eurovision Song Contest. 

The participants (in order of appearance):

Song 1: Son kez/The last time  (Hugh O’ Neill, Sinead Bradley, Tevfik Kulak, Robert Grace)

Artist (Band): Inchequin / Mentor: Shay Healy

Mentor’s statement:  I was looking for a song that would be simple enough to sing at any gathering and Son kez fits the bill perfectly. From the U2 sound-alike jangling guitars opening, to the winning combination of Turkish and Irish whistle and fiddles, played á la Riverdance, the song delivers the best of both Irish and Turkish cultures and a very strong narrative lyric gives the song overall the infectious power and rhythm of a lively Irish ballad.


Song 2Crashing down (Robert Grace)

Artist: Aimée Fitzpatrick / Mentor: Mark McCabe

Mentor’s statement:  As soon as I heard Aimée singing this song, I knew straight away it was what I was looking for. We’ve lost our way with the Eurovision over the last few years. Aimée and this song bring it right back to what it’s all about. Not glitz, not glam nor production. It’s about the song. At just 17, I have no doubt Aimée has a massive career ahead of her. Her distinct vocal ability is of an international standard, and this song is just the start of things to come. She is a star.


Song 3: Fire (Lauren White, Niall Mooney, Willie Weeks)

Artist: Zoe Alexis Bohorquez / Mentor: Niall Mooney

Mentor’s statement:  As soon as I met Zoë I knew this could be Ireland’s next big pop star. She is the complete package and perfect for the contest. Zoë is also one of the hardest working and most pleasant people I have ever worked with. Mullingar has always been at the heart of Irish pop music with Joe Dolan, Bressie and Niall Horan and I believe Zoë is the next big chapter in that story. If Ireland decides to send Zoë to Sweden, with a fair wind and bit of luck, I believe she can go all the way. I hear a lot of people say Ireland can never win the contest again. I don’t believe that’s true and when you see Zoë I’m hoping you’ll believe me. It’s very much like a David Guetta track, it’s a dance song. Zoe’s a fantastic talent.


Song 4: Only love survives (Wez Devine, Ryan Dolan)

Artist: Ryan Dolan / Mentor: Stuart O’ Connor

Mentor’s statement:  As soon as I discovered I was going to be a mentor I was determined that given the opportunity I would send an Irish singer / songwriter to Malmö this year. I was delighted to receive a large volume of songs from all around the world but as soon as I heard ‘Only love survives’ I knew this was it – it ticked all the boxes. I immediately set about gathering a full Irish team including backing vocals by Leanne Moore and percussion by Nicky Bailey founder of Extreme Rhythm who has performed with Riverdance and most recently on X Factor with Kelly Clarkson. The result is a modern song with an Irish vibe that will appeal to audiences across Europe.


Song 5Kiss me there (Drax)

Artist: Kasey/ Mentor: Mairead Farrell

Mentor’s statement:  Being asked to be a Eurosong mentor by RTÉ was a like asking a massive football fan if they’d like to manage their favourite team. I jumped at the opportunity. It’s been such a huge learning experience; I’ve loved every minute of it.


This year’s Irish candidate songs had been presented earlier in February, during a radio show. You can listen to the songs and watch the official videos here.

Aimée will perform her ballad Crashing down accompanied by former Eurovision winner Paul Harrington (Ireland 1994) on piano. Zoë Alexis Bohorquez will perform her song Fire and former Eurovision entrant Donna McCaul (Ireland 2005) will perform backing vocals for her. Ryan Dolan will perform his own composition Only love survives, mentored by Shay Healy; Irish/Turkish band Inchequin will perform their song Son kez/The last timeKasey, mentored by Mairead Farrell, will perform Kiss me.

A special photocall and meet and greet the press event was held today at RTE Studios. You can learn more on that here.

Ireland holds the record of winning the Eurovision Song Contest 7 times ( 1970,1980, 1987,1992,1993,1994 and 1996). This year Ireland is taking part at the first part of the 1st semi-final, on May 14th.