Suntribe to support Vanilla Ninja

by Remi Kübar 143 views

Suntribe, the happy fivesome, was not disappointed about not qualifying to the final. They promised to support the Swiss entry Vanilla Ninja as much as they can.

Right after the semifinal the girls appeared to the press outside Palats Sportu feeling overwhelmed by their stage performance, singing “Cool Vibes” and predicting Norway to win. Right after that also the Norwegian song was cheerfully sang to the crowd. “The feeling of being there was awesome!”, Rebecca Kontus from Suntribe said. She was also particularly happy about the support they have got from the fans supporting them in the crowd.

The coordinator of Estonian Eurovision project Juhan Paadam told to SLOhtuleht that they have done their job well. ” If this is the choice of European nations, so be it!” he said without any disappointment in his voice. “We will continue anyway and always in the fair battle”, he was obviously referring to the Swiss entry.

Later on the night girls were happily partying in the Euroclub together with the Estonian fans, Vanilla Ninja, Kazha from Latvia and other representatives.

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