Monaco: Exclusive documentary on Françoise Hardy

by Yann Messina 1,083 views

On 2 March, the French national broadcaster France 3 will air an exclusive documentary focused on the 1960’s pop and fashion icon, French  singer Françoise Hardy, who represented the Principality of Monaco at the 1963 Eurovision Song Contest held in London.

Titled Françoise Hardy à contretemps, the programme will take the shape of an intimate conversation between the popular singer and journalist Olivier Bellamy. For about an hour, Françoise Hardy will go through the most memorable moments of her life. Shot at the Labomatic studios in Paris, where the singer recorded several of her very successful albums, the documentary is an opportunity for Françoise Hardy to evoke the songs which have marked her life the most, her greatest emotions and the events that changed the course of both her career and her personal life.

Last November, Françoise Hardy signed a critically acclaimed and popular comeback under the spotlights with the release of her latest album L’amour fou. Despite songs depicting darkness, fears and references to death and oblivion, as in her latest single Rendez-vous dans une autre vie (see previous article here), the singer is still very much appreciated by the public and regularly collaborates with all generations of artists in France and abroad.