The countries that didn't qualify: first reactions

by Sietse Bakker 135 views

Minutes after the top-10 countries were announced, participants that didn't qualify for the final left Palats Sportu. was waiting at the backdoor for their reactions. Meanwhile, like if it was meant to be for those who lost this contest, it started to rain…

Selma looks sad
Iceland, the country that members predicted to end up first in the semifinal, did not make it through to the final. It's clear that Selma is very disappointed, but when the camera's approach her, she shows that she is not a bad loser. “I am very thankful for all the confidence”, Selma said in her first reaction to, which she visits almost daily.

Glennis did 'the best'
A huge amount of journalists are waiting for Glennis Grace, who failed to qualify with her ballad My impossible dream. “I did my best, and therefore I have nothing to regret”, she said. Cornald Maas, commentator for the Dutch broadcaster NOS, said: “I don't know if we can ever win this, but we shouldn't quit participating”. Dutch journalists generally agreed that this loss might be the “death of the contest”. “Eastern European countries simply vote for each other”, her manager said.

Suntribe still shakes the house!
No sign of disappointment with the girls of Suntribe (Estonia). “We are very happy for Vanilla Ninja”, they agreed, and they started to sing Cool vibes. When we asked Mari-Leen from Suntribe for her reaction, she said: “Come to the EuroClub and have fun! Shake the house 'till the early morning”.

Agurbash left
The Belarussian delegation was devastated. Angelica Agurbash left right after the semifinal in a van with black windows, followed by the limousine of Philip Kirkorov.

When we asked Bruno Berberes, head of the French delegation and commentator, for a reaction, he said: “I have to take a close look at the list again, but the fact that The Netherlands failed to continue to the final… I cannot believe it”.

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