Heat-o-meter becomes delayed-o-meter

by Sietse Bakker 243 views

With only two hours to go before the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest semifinal kicks off, esctoday.com publishes its heat-o-meter! What's pupolar in the hall, and what's not? A bit later than expected, but here it is. Moldova tops!

Although there were not many people in the hall, the difference between a tempered audience and an enthousiastic audience was clear.

1 = very little applause
2 = little applause
3 = normal applause
4 = big applause
5 = very big applause

1. Austria
2. Lithuania
3. Portugal
4. Moldova
5. Latvia
6. Monaco
7. Israel
8. Belarus
9. The Netherlands
10. Iceland
11. Belgium
12. Estonia
13. Norway
14. Romania
15. Hungaria
16. Finland
17. FYR Macedonia
18. Andorra
19. Switzerland
20. Croatia
21. Bulgaria
22. Ireland
23. Slovenia
24. Denmark
25. Poland

We measured the lenght of the applause and its intensity. Approximately 1,000 people were present at the venue.

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