Interview with Javine from United Kingdom

by Gordon Roxburgh 83 views had an exclusive interview with Javine Hylton, who will be singing Touch my fire, a song she also co wrote, for the United Kingdom in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Find out more about her background, and how she came to be in the contest, and what her views and feelings on the contest are, and whether she would do it again?

Had you always wanted to be a singer?

Well at the age of three I wanted to be a nurse…but when I found out how badly paid that was I changed my mind! From about the age of five I wanted to become a singer…and I have pursued that since.

Javine first came to the attention of the British public, when she was in Popstars: The Rivals!, when she narrowly lost out to the line up that became Girls Aloud in December 2002.

Was this your first attempt at such a programme, or had you tried Pop Idols before?

No – Popstars was the first show, I never even thought of doing it myself, but I was asked to go and do it. In fact I went to the very last audition in Glasgow . I thought, go with the flow, waste a bit of time, then I realised I was doing well, when I got down to the London heats, and made the final ten.

Had you wanted therefore to be in a girl band?

No, I actually never wanted to be in band. I wanted to be a solo singer, but I grew to like it, we all became good friends. There are pros and cons, in a group you can lean on each other a bit, bounce your feelings off of each other.

How did you feel then when you were eliminated?

I was gutted, I was jealous, upset. However next morning I had offers from Polydor, and I brightened up. so the feelings only lasted a couple of nights.

Within months, her first single Real things, provided her with a chart hit, that kicked off a run of hit singles.

What does it feel like when you heard your song on the radio for the first time?

That is the best feeling I have ever had. Even though you go through the recording of the song, filming the video, nothing beats that first time you hear it on the radio.

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