First semifinal dress rehearsal review

by Benny Royston 342 views

The first full running of the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest Semifinal has finished! reviewed the entire show for you!

1. Austria
Global.Kryner sings Y asi, kicking off this first dress rehearsal of the semifinal. Film strips are rolling over the big screen elements of the stage and the camera direction is as easy as the song itself. The stage performance of the group is good, but except for the lead singer, everyone looks a bit too casual to open this Eurovision Song Contest semifinal.

2. Lithuania
Laura looks sexy in her white dress, which reminds us of Lena Philipsson's creation for last year's contest. After the Austrian entry, Little by little speeds the show up. Laura looks to be a bit nervous, but it doesn't affect her vocal performance. At the end it appears they are using a wind machine! We didn't notice…

3. Portugal
The vocal performance is, so far, the worst. It probably cannot become worse, because Luciana forgot her lyrics! “This is Jemini 2005!”, someone shouted in the press working area. If they perform like this tomorrow night, Portugal ends up with 0 points.

4. Moldova
After the terrible performance of 2B, this is quality. Zdob si Zdub's lead singer wears traditional clothes and for some it reminds them of Brainstorm's performance of My star in 2000. Although this song is quite different, grandma (who beats the drums) is a nice 'gadget' in this song. It might even be the first song people would consider to vote for during the live semifinal.

5. Latvia
The first ballad of the semifinal. Walters & Kazha look good in their white shirts and casual jeans and their vocal performance is good at the beginning. During the second chorus they start to use sign language, which distracts them from their vocal performance. Result: out of tune! However, if they can manage to perform this song well tomorrow night, they probably can easily reach the final.

6. Monaco
Lise is wearing a red-pink dress and it's easy to notice that her vocal performance is not as dynamic as during the rehearsals. She looks a bit insecure on stage, but that's not a real problem. In the bridge, she's vocally back! And Lise… just one thing… don't look so angry when you are done!

7. Israel
Everything looks very synchronised on stage with the piano, the guitar player, Shiri and the way she looks. The vocal performance is extremely good, as well as the choreography of the three backing vocals who are wearing black dresses. The mixed Hebrew-English version works and the director decided to put some dynamics in his camera work.

8. Belarus
If Belarus was a monarchy, Angelica Agurbash would be the queen. Golden dress, wearing a crown, the 18th century-style suits and Angelica's dress in gold and blue. Her vocal performance is doubtful, but she definitely gets attention with the dress under the dress. It's a dressing party again, which isn't new at the Eurovision Song Contest. It seems everything depends on Angelica's vocal performance tomorrow.


9. The Netherlands
Her pink-white dress was torn apart for some reason, so she changed to a white-champagne coloured dress. Her vocal performance was not as good as during her last rehearsals, but it's still acceptable. The director seems to have changed something in his so-called 'shotlist', which makes the song a little weaker than during the rehearsals. Nevertheless, a strong performance according to the people watching the dress rehearsal at the press working area.

10. Iceland
Selma herself is wearing a red dress with elements of gold, her five female backing vocals white and gold. The choreography is definitely strong and Selma seems to enjoy her return to the Eurovision Song Contest stage very much. Vocally, we've heard her doing If I had your love better, but again, it's still very acceptable!

11. Belgium
Nuno's voice is totally back! In fact, this might be the best vocal performance so far, which works very well with the camera work. This is definitely musical, but it doesn't matter here as the performance is excellent. No matter what people may say about Le grand soir itself…

12. Estonia
The Suntribe girls were standing behind their disc rapper decks, which looks a bit childish, but the vocal performance was a lot better than during last week's rehearsals. The stage setting is very colourful. Unfortunately for them, Norway comes next…

13. Norway
Some think 13 brings bad luck, but not for Wig Wam. This song, this performance and the camera direction are very strong compared with the previous twelve songs. The lead singer of the band took an orange flag, which might bring them some points from Ukraine if he will be doing that during the actual semifinal. Now it just depends on whether the television viewers like this type of song at the Eurovision Song Contest. They did in Norway, but what about the other 38 countries where it's all about?

14. Romania
What probably everyone was afraid of, happened. It took much longer to bring all the oil barrels on stage than the postcard lasts, so they have to search for a solution on this problem. The vocal performance of Luminita was weak at the beginning, but improved during the song. She looks very casual with her jeans, her top gives it something classical.

15. Hungary
Usually, the group NOX is wearing black. So they do now! The choreography is very strong, but due to the fact that they are all men in black, they somewhat disappear in the black stage floor during some shots. The song it catchy, but it cannot be compared to the energetic performance Ruslana gave last year. And what's wrong with the vocals? Is it the sound settings or are all the performance nervous?

16. Finland
Geir is obviously nervous for his first dress rehearsal. The singer and his backing vocalists are dressed in white, Geir also wears a blue shirt. There it is again, just like in 2002 with Laura; the Finnish flag! The vocal performance improved during the song, but a good start might help to reach the final.


17. FYR Macedonia
This song and its performance reminds us a bit of Sakis Rouvas' Shake it, but the choreography is not as strong. Make my day is easy to listen to. Martin looks very casual and his vocal performance was good! His backing singers/dancers did a good job too!

18. Andorra
And then suddenly, two topless men appeared on stage to take part in La mirada interior, something that not everyone might have expected here. Marian's vocal performance still needs some improvement, but the 18th century-style dresses fit the song and the choreography. 18th century-style dresses seem to be popular this year!

19. Switzerland
Vanilla Ninja's performance was strong and the total picture looks energetic on stage. The four girls and the drummer are all dressed in white and director Sven Stojanovic seems to have found his energy drink!

20. Croatia
The song opens very strong and sensitive, but to see something we need light! Something that was partly missing during this song. Particularly singer Boris Novkovic sometimes disappears in the darkness of the stage floor. Although he looks a bit nervous – the microphone is shaking – his vocal performance was strong. The three backing singers dressed in traditional white dresses add a folk element to Vukovi umiru sami.

21. Bulgaria
Lorraine… in the rain. We are still thinking about what to write about this. Please, give us some time…

22. Ireland
Donna and Joe seem to have great fun on stage. In her black dress with elements of gold, Donna looks good, and in his black jacket and jeans he looks funny! The backing dancers are performing a sensual dance and a very rythmic 'Riverdance' during the bridge of the song. This song might have been underestimated over the past months… And the vocal performance? Douze points!

23. Slovenia
Omar gave a strong performance. If this strong ballad works after the energetic Irish performance… we will know tomorrow! He joined his backing singers at the end of the song, which adds a sensual element to it. His vocal performance was outstanding, although the Slovenian singer might look a bit too casual for this type of song. Nevertheless, a good job.

24. Denmark
Catchy for sure! The choreography of Jakob Sveistrup's backing singers looks good and the vocal performance was strong. Black and pink are the colours during the performance of Talking to you, which might be a sticky song in between Slovenia and Poland!

25. Poland
White and pink look cool on stage. The two female dancers in white-pink dresses look like flamenco dancers and the lady playing accordion has an energetic look. Sakis Rouvas inspired the Polish participants too, because the dancers tried to take off the lead singer's shirt after the bridge of the song. Tried, because it didn't work this time!

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