Everyone's number one

by Benny Royston 269 views

Helena Paparizou once again dazzled onlookers at her second rehearsal today. The performance has many people here in Kyiv that she will take the Eurovision Song Contest title and deliver Greece�s first victory. In the press conference afterwards, this view was shared by many and she was asked what she would do after winning!

Helena�s stage performance is very strong. Choreography suits the song well, and although she has still not worn the outfit for the night, there was much to keep the interest with lifts and the most interesting string instrument the Eurovision Song Contest has ever seen � she plays the elastic belt chord of one of the dancers � it�s something that needs to be seen!

Afterwards, Helena entered the press conference hall to a standing ovation. It was announced that the composer and lyricist of My number one will arrive tomorrow. Then the choreographer was introduced to a massive round of applause.

The first question related to the dress that Helena will be wearing on Saturday. �It�s a huge honour for me because I will be wearing a Roberto Cavalli original. He has spent a lot of time in Greece and it has influenced him. It won�t be the usual blue and white this time, it is inspired by the colours of the Greek sunset�. Asked if it would be short, she laughed �Quite short!�.

She sang a little song in Swedish and then talked about her friend Chiara, singing for Malta. �All Mediterranean participants are friendly because we are hot people. I�m especially close with Chiara. On her first night in Greece, we went to a nightclub and something happened, someone said something nasty to her and I felt really bad, but she turned to me and said: �ahh, these Mediterraneans, what can you do?�. I love her and I wish her luck here�..

The choreographer was given a chance to talk about Helena and the inspiration for the routine, saying �She�s worked very hard. We all know that she�s a great singer and she�s proved it her previous participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. She has proven herself as a great dancer too�This is a love song and what I tried to do with the male dancers is to make them sometimes disappear in a dynamic routine with Helena. We want to express the lyrics through movement. I used part of the choreography during the instrumental to show how music unites people.�

Finally, Helena was asked what she would do �after she had won�. �This is a competition, so we don�t know what will happen and it�s a very difficult one this year. I will be in Sweden on May 26th to do some promotion, and then I�m open to offers for any country that wants me to visit them�.

Helena then moved over for the busiest photo shoot of the week so far. She posed for pictures before being led away by bodyguards through the crowd. She will be doing interviews and attending the Mediterranean party tonight.

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