Son De Sol rehearse

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The first rehearsal of the three sisters who make up the Spanish group Son De Sol (Sound of Sun), took place this afternoon in the Palats Sportu, with their song Brujeria (Witchcraft). With their bright coloured costumes, in yellow, orange and blue, it is not surprising that the video effects are just as colourful. They are joined by two male dancers, plus a third male, who provides some vocals and dancing. The two principal dancers leap off the presenters stages at each side of the stage, to give the song a dramatic start. It was very well received by the audience in the hall.

Press conference

The start of the conference, comprised the three sisters, Lola, Espe and Sole, plus their spokesperson, who did the translating. He started by informing those present, that they had a long trip, and only arrived late last night, so it had been a short night for them.

There was also apologies for the fact that the composer of the song Alfredo Panebianco couldn't be here in Kyiv, as he is awaiting the birth of his child.

The first question was would they ever do Brujeria for the man you love? They thought that anyone can think the song is devoted to the one they love.

It wasn't long before there was a request for a song from the girls, and they dutifully obliged by singing a number in Spanish for the journalists..

Were they inspired by the fact that Spain had won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest by Maria Isabel with Antes muerta quefrom Andalucia. They feel something similar, but the composer is from another part of Spain, but they would like to finish as close to the top as possible in following …. steps.

So, what was the relationship like between the three sisters, was there a boss between them. Well, Lola, the eldest sister is the most responsible, but they work in democratic manner, and sometimes it can end up as two versus one with some decisions.

Was there a sinle released in Spain, or an album, and if so, would it be released outside Spain? Well the song had won through from an initial hundred songs, reduced to twelve, and then it was the one song which had won the televote. At that moment they had already been working on an album, which they then included Brujeira on it. It was released after a week, and maybe those outside of Spain could buy it via the internet.

So what had that experience of going through the preselection process been like? “It was a great experience, with days in Madrid with the other singers”, but probably easier for them, as they were a group of sisters.

How long then had they sung together? As they were born into a family of flamenco dancers and singers, they have had music in their lives since a young age.

The three male dancers then joined them on the stage, in order not only to receive the due credit and applause for their contribution, but to join in a final burst of Brujeria for the fans. The short photo session then followed.

Son De Sol will return to the Palats Sportu stage tomorrow to have their second rehearsal at 14.30 local time.

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