Eurovision 2013: First stage sketch revealed

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 407 views

SVT, the Swedish national broadcaster has revealed the first sketch of the 2013 Eurovision stage today.

The 2013 Eurovision stage will be round with a catwalk leading to a smaller stage set at the other end of the arena.

About the stage:

One of the distinguishing features is that the stage and the catwalk will take up a large part of the surface of the arena floor. The remaining space  around the stage  on the arena floor will be the audience standing area – something that will maximize the experience for those that will attend the show.

 – The fans make the party. They are a big part of the show and will take the parquet. To maximize the experience, and for them to get closer to the stage, we remove the seats in the stalls, says Martin Österdahl, executive producer.

The goal has for long been to bring  the performers and audience to come closer together, and now this will be accompished thanks to the  fact that the standing area will be surrounding the stage and the catwalk leads into the audience.

SVT prepares for a spectacular show

The Swedish broadcaster is currently working round the clock in order to showcase a spectacular and dazzling show next May. The drawings that are now revealed have been developed by Eurovision management team consisting of Martin Österdahl, executive producer, Christer Björkman, show producer, Christel Tholse Willers, Relationship Manager and Johan Bernhagen, Production. Set designers are Viktor Brattström and Frida Arvidsson.

Cover Photo: SVT