'Amazing Grace' becomes 'Amazing Crazy'

by Sietse Bakker 131 views

At the second Dutch rehearsal, Glennis Grace came on stage in the dress that she will most likely wear during next week's semifinal. During the press conference, 'Amazing Grace' became 'Amazing Crazy'.

It was planned to use a wind machine during the last chorus of My impossible dream, but for some reason it failed and it could not be used.

During the press conference, Glennis Grace appeared behind the table alone. “I am alone on stage, so why not here at this press conference”, she said to the journalists and fans. When one of them asked if she could describe herself in three words, she said that she was “crazy, crazy and crazy”. The conference moderator suggested to change her nickname from 'Amazing Grace' to 'Amazing Crazy'.

On the question if she would participate again in the Eurovision Song Contest, no matter the result, she answered: “No, I only want to do this one because I consider it to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I would like to keep the memory. I want to do this now and I want to do this good. I want to make my country proud, I really, really want to win this thing”.

Glennis also told about the call she made with her best friend on the night of the Dutch national final, in which her friend said that she was “so nervous”. She will call her again on the night of semifinal, hoping that it brings her the confidence to get through to the final. Glennis also climbed the table to sing an uptempo song for the audience.

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