Ireland rehearsal and conference

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The Irish representatives, Donna and Joseph McCaul, had their first rehearsal late this afternoon. There was much interest as to just how the act would be staged, as it has undergone several changes recently. This time they are joined by four female dancers on stage, who focus their attention during much of the song on young Joseph, as he is the only male on stage. The dancers get their chance to take centre stage during the instrumental break, while Donna and Joseph take a more minimal role at that point, but burst through the middle of the line up, as the song reaches its climax. Red is the predominant colour in the background, while the costumes are goiing to be in black.

Press Conference

The press conference started quite simply, with a bold statement by the head of delegation “We are going for the eighth win!”.

Then the questions followed, one journalist commented on how young and pure the singers were, so how did they feel about the responsibility? They realised of course that they are amongst the youngest here, and that there are others who are more experienced, but they will give it their best, and try to give a good performance.

So who had the idea of entering the You're a star competition? Joseph said that he had coaxed his sister into entering, as she had already entered last year. Initially they were going to enter separately, but then realised they could enter as a duo. They had thoroughly enjoyed participating, and particularly enjoyed singing Amazing Grace

The changes in the dance routine were remarked upon, and the choreographer admitted that it had undergone several changes, and regarded it as “work in progress”. Deciding which elements to keep and which bits they were unsure about, as well as judging the response from the Irish public. They had decided that they would stick with the Irish dancing, and contemplated either two couples, or four girls, and not to take anything that would detract from the performance of Donna and Joe.

How did their parents cope, having two artists in the house to deal with? Well their Mum is coming to Kyiv to support them, and she is used to the pressure having taking them to all sorts of competitions since they were young. They love to sing and she is very ahppy they added.

Would they remain as a duo, or become soloists after the contest? They have started on a new single and an album after the Eurovision Song Contest, so they remain as a duo. When further questioned about their brother/sister relationship, both joked that they were the boss!, but it is all good clean family fun between them, as both are as strong as each other.

So what would they consider a success in the contest? Well obviously to win, but the first goal is to qualify into the final, and then a top ten place would be great. As far as the costumes are concerned, they didn't want to dress too old, it will be “young and funky”

How had they paired up the songs to singers on You're a star with such short notice? “Because we are talented!” was the quick retort from the head of delegation. he then went onto say that there had been a lot of matching, pushing and shoving to get the right combination.

Had the 1970 winner Dana given them any advice after she appeared on the national final? She said that although they are young, they have good harmonies, and they should just relax, and she believes they can do well. They had also received support from Johnny Logan who also said they can do well, as the audience will expect a ballad, and will get quite a surprise!

The conference concluded with the duo singing a bit of their favourite song from the You're a star series, Amazing grace, before posing for photographs.

Ireland are next scheduled to rehearse on Sunday 15th May at 16.20 local time.

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