Jason-Scott Watkins did it: a Eurovision tattoo

by Sietse Bakker 200 views

Jason-Scott Watkins, who came second in the 'Esctoday.com Fan of the Year' contest, did it! Today he got the Eurovision Song Contest logo tattooed on his right arm. Crazy? Addicted? Or the perfect example of Eurovision Song Contest passion? We'll leave that up to you!

“We had great fun at the tattoo shop and everyone was talking about the contest when they did this to me! I was nervous, and even scared, but this is a great start to build the excitement for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest”, Jason-Scott Watkins said to esctoday.com.

“I am waiting for the release of a Eurovision Song Contest sheet/doona set as I would love to sleep in the contest! In my lounge room there is the Eurovision Song Contest shrine which contains items such as copies of the broadcast from every year available, various books, LP's, CD's and souvenirs of the concerts, glowing heart, publicity photos, and a 1979 bronze medal. I have made replicas of the costumes and a doll dressed as Slovenia 2003”, Jason-Scott wrote in his entry for the 'Esctoday.com Fan of the Year' contest. Unfortunately (or not!) he ended up second. You can read his complete entry here.

For those who think this is 'just a henna picture', we can tell that we also have the images with the needle. However, we decided not the publish them as it's the final results that matters!

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