First Swiss press conference

by Wouter van Vliet 209 views

Switzerland's Vanilla Ninja had their first rehearsal and press conference today. They performed their Cool Vibes in an mostly red setting, with aquatic effects on the background.

Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja will represent Switzerland this year. They say it feels “Goooooooooooood!” to compete with Estonian particpant Suntribe. Piret and Katrin have known each other for fourteen years now and used to be classmates at high school. They are “two couples of close friends who became a band“.

Vanilla Ninja are: Lenna Kuurmaa, Katrin Siska, Piret Järvis and Triinu Kivilaan. The Swiss organisation invited record companies to send in songs for the Eurovision Song Contest. As Switzerland is an open minded country, everybody from any country was allowed to send in a song. From all songs, Vanilla Ninja's Cool Vibes was selected to represent Switerzerland.

Vanilla Ninja is a very professional group,” says the Swiss head of delegation . The song Cool Vibes is about their tiger friend and tells about how they can be friends with such a dangerous animal. In their song they ask why Cool Vibes (the tiger's name) doesn't kill them. Their quite obvious answer for this is the tiger's friendly character.

Vanilla Ninja has released three albums so far in 14 countries. One of the main reasons for them to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest is to release their music and perform in more countries. The girls were asked about their favourite and least favourite parts of being famous. As most artists they dislike the fact that they don't get as much time for their families as they would like. For them, stage performances are the best part. They “can't wait to be back on stage“.

When asked, they told that they generally like Ukraine, especially Ukrainian food. “But the drivers are really crazy,” Lenna added. As a final word, they asked everybody to ask their family and friends to vote for them.

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