Ruslana presents Eurovision Song Contest stamps

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Last year's winner Ruslana today presents the newly-made postage stamps, dedicated to the 50th Eurovision Song Contest, during the 9th National Philatelic Exhibition. The two stamps were exclusively created in a framework of the promo actions for the upcoming contest. The presentation
takes place at the venue of the Ukrainian House.

Ruslana will solemnly frank the stamp during the opening ceremony. “I am really looking forward to postmarking my picture! I consider it a great honour having my picture on envelopes that will be sent all over the world!” says the Ukrainian Wild Dancer.

Many prominent people will visit the ceremony. Minister on Culture and Tourism Affairs Oksana Bilozir and Minister on Transport and Communication Affairs Yevhen Chervonenko kindly agreed to take part in this remarkable event.

Two kinds of stamps will be presented. One stamp at par of 0,45 UAH is dedicated to Ruslana and features her smiling face. Ruslana's portrait used on this stamp was created by Vasyl Vasylenko, the main designer of the project. Having used several pictures of Ruslana and adding his own vision, Vasyl developed a new portrait of the famous Ukrainian singer.

The other stamp at par of 2,5 UAH was designed to bring into history the 50th Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine. The stamp contains the 2005 Eurovision Song Contest logos and is coloured in blue and green colours of the fresh spring spirit.

Both stamps have two levels of protection. They are covered with a special dye which can change its colour under the ultra-violet rays. There is also a micro text which can be seen only with a help of the magnifying glass. The “Ruslana” stamp comes out with the circulation of 231 000 copies and the “Eurovision 2005” stamp is issued with 200 000 copies.

These stamps are symbols of the 50th Eurovision Song Contest and are of a historical meaning to Ukraine. They will be spread all over the world along with the positive image of Ukraine.

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