Interview: Annsofi & Alexander Rybak speak to

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Tomorrow Annsofi will participate in the Melodi Grand Prix final (Norwegian final). The song I’m with you is penned by 2009 Eurovision winner Alexander Rybak. This marks the return of Alexander Rybak in the contest. Twenty-four hours before Annsofi goes on stage caught up with Annsofi and Alexander.
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Thank you, Edward!

Alexander what made you to return to the Eurovision Song Contest and write a song for Annsofi?
I always said that I did not want to return with a song unless I found someone very special to sing it. Annsofi gave me a reason to return!

Annsofi how do you feel that a Eurovision winner wrote a specific song for you?
I have to admit, when he became my mentor in the X Factor in 2010, I was kind of starstruck. Eventually he has become a good friend, but I still have as much respect for him as then, and I feel honored to be able to sing his song.

Alexander tell us how you got the idea of writing this song?
We actually started recording another song first. But when we decided to try to get in the MGP, I wrote a new song, especially for Annsofi, and especially for the MGP. That song was I’m with you and Annsofi was actually sitting next to me while I was finishing the lyrics.

Annsofi what advice will you take from Alexander before you go on stage tomorrow?
I’ve learnt a lot from working with Alex! However, on Saturday, he’s asked me to relax. It’s kind of like when you’re practicing for an exam. You practice heavily until the day of the exam, but when the day is there the best thing you can do is to take it easy and trust that you have prepared yourself sufficient enough to achieve a good result.

Alexander will you be excited as you be when you perform?
I’ll probably be more excited than anyone else! (Annsofi: What he really means to say is that he’ll be more nervous than anyone else!)

Annsofi what are your expectations from the Melodi Grand Prix final and why should the viewers vote for you?
I guess I can come up with a complicated answer here. But I think it simply comes down to this: If you like the song and believe it is Norway’s best shot in the Eurovision Song Contest, we really appreciate if you vote for it!

Wish you good luck and can you pass a last message for all those who will follow you on Saturday.
I’m with you! I hope you’re with me 😉

All the best,
Annsofi & Alexander