Geir Rönning: 'Life is too good to be bad'

by Sietse Bakker 182 views

Geir Rönning and his five backing vocals finished their first rehearsal on the Palats Sportu stage. Why will be sung in a blue and white stage setting, using smoke effects to create a mysterious atmosphere.

The rehearsal of the Finnish participant and his backing singers, who have an important role during the song, went without any significant problems. Geir's voice is in a good shape and it doesn't seem to bother him that Why is actually a difficult song to sing.

During the press conference, Geir proudly told about his four months old son Oliver, that will join his daddy in Kyiv later this week.

Instead of an overall depression, the recent disappointing results of Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest gave the delegation motivation to make it work this year. “Failing is NOT an option for us”, the Finnish Head of Delegation explained. The Head of Delegation expressed his admiration concerning the organisation of this year's contest. “Especially young people involved with the organisation lift this contest to a higher level. I am very happy with the way they treated us”.

On the question which songs of this year's Eurovision Song Contest Geir likes, he told that there are about 15 songs he is “in love with”. Particulary Greece and Malta have his favour. “However, I am a ballad-dude! But this is a great contest with many great songs and performers”, he said.

Finally, Geir had a message for everyone: “Life is too good to be bad”.

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